Benefits for Manufacturers

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The Trace One collaborative platform enables manufacturers to connect with a large community of retailers and other like-minded manufacturers.

Three main goals – growth, compliance and consumer confidence

  • Achieving growth
    It’s more important than ever for manufacturers to differentiate their products from their competition, while at the same time needing to reduce costs and improve speed to market. The path towards sustainable, profitable growth seems longer and more arduous than ever.
  • Complying with regulatory requirements
    The regulatory environment is getting more and more complex. Manufacturers are struggling with being fully compliant without jeopardizing development and innovation.
  • Assuring consumer confidence
    Manufacturers play a crucial role through their promise to demonstrate transparency to consumers. They have a responsibility to source products in an ethical and sustainable manner, consistent with their values. They must be able to provide clear packaging with precise product ingredients and facilitate proactive information recovery during an alert.


  • Online collaboration with retailers
    From product brief to product launch, including product specification and packaging, the Trace One Platform allows manufacturers to respond quickly to any new demands from retailers. Typical time spent on specifications is reduced by 50-60% on average with these collaboration tools.
  • Reliable, complete and shared product information
    The Trace One Platform brings together a substantial number of organizations – 35 major retailers and 20,000 manufacturers. Manufacturers can effectively share product information with retailers while leveraging standard regulation templates.
  • Coordinated consumer communication
    During an alert or recall, the Trace One Platform facilitates the rapid identification of potential impacts from food scares or food crises. Manufacturers can then inform retailers in real-time to limit brand exposure.

Your retail customer would like to collaborate with you using the Trace One Platform?

Benefit from a collaborative environment to develop FMCG products and mitigate risk

Trace One Product Specification

Trace One Product Specification

Manage all data and documents
related to a product in a centralized tool,
from initial specification
to final validation and approval.

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Trace One Issue Tracking

Trace One Issue Tracking

Handle issues involving
your products or your suppliers
so that the best follow up actions
and solutions are provided promptly.

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Supplier Collaboration Program

Supplier Collaboration Program

Trace One’s Supplier Collaboration Program enables retailer to truly engage with their supplier community in a way that drives innovation, speeds up time to market and ensures both teams are efficient.

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