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The Trace One Platform allows retailers to connect and benefit from a large community of manufacturers as well as other like-minded retailers.

Three main goals – growth, compliance, and consumer confidence

  • Achieving growth while improving margins
    Accelerating growth of new product offerings depends on fast paced and constant innovation. Improving margin requires highly productive collaboration with manufacturers and even raw material suppliers. Typical benefits include 1 to 3 months faster time to market.
  • Complying with regulatory requirements
    Dozens of regulations apply to any one single product. Retailers need to have full, real-time visibility to product, site and supplier certifications and investigations.
  • Assuring consumer confidence
    The devil is in the detail. Every single detail to win consumer confidence is paramount – from the information presented on packaging to the response time during an alert.


  • Online collaboration with manufacturers
    From product brief to product launch, including product specification and packaging, the Trace One Platform enables retailers to work in collaboration with manufacturers throughout the entire product lifecycle. And by involving all the different stakeholders in the process, the result is unequivocal: remarkable productivity gains! Typical benefits include a 50-60% reduction in time spend on specification development while reducing costs by .5 – 1.5%.
  • Reliable, complete and shared product information
    20,000 manufacturers in over 100 countries are connected to 35 leading retailers. The Trace One Platform aggregates data captured from the source, providing an in-depth view of the product information.
  • Coordinated consumer communication
    During an alert, the Trace One Platform facilitates the rapid identification of potential impacts to protect your brand and consumers.

Benefit from a collaborative environment to develop FMCG products and mitigate risk

Product Lifecycle Management

Product Lifecycle Management

Benefit from
a collaborative solution
that covers all stages
of the product lifecycle.

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Supplier Collaboration Program

Supplier Collaboration Program

Trace One’s Supplier Collaboration Program enables retailer to truly engage with their supplier community in a way that drives innovation, speeds up time to market and ensures both teams are efficient.

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Social & Analytics

Social & Analytics

Manage your professional communities,
and drive business improvement
with comprehensive dashboards.

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