Contract Manufacturing & Private Label Expo, Mumbai, INDIA: February 27-28, 2020

3rd February 2020

Date: February 27-28, 2020
Location:  Mumbai, India

Contract Manufacturing & Private Label Expo (CMPL Expo) is the leading trade show in India for the FMCG Private Label & Contract Manufacturing industry. Trace One is delighted to announce its presence as an Associate Partner. CMPL Expo is a unique platform where hundreds of retailers, brand-owners, wholesalers, and exporters will converge to meet experienced suppliers who can produce their private label lines.

The conference will focus on strategies, case-studies and best practices by leading retailers and industry leaders from the private label industry. Don’t miss our presentation on February 27th, at 13.45. Our expert, Bobby Raymond, Strategic Business Manager at Trace One, will present the Best practices for Private Label Collaboration between Retailers and Suppliers.

For more information and to register: CMPL Expo 2020

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