Trace One Product Testing

Plan your quality control programs
at both the product and facility level,
and collaborate with laboratories
or auditing bodies.

Product Testing as a key component of the product lifecycle

In the current retail environment, releasing a product without adequate testing is riskier than ever. From product design to quality control, testing is a major component in product lifecycle management. Testing must meet the dual challenge of synchronizing multiple stakeholders (manufacturers, suppliers, laboratories) and a broad range of regulatory requirements (consumer testing, microbiological testing, etc.)

Trace One Product Testing: analyzing in the collaborative age

Trace One Product Testing addresses product testing by adopting a collaborative approach that focuses on engaging all involved parties directly. This solution enables retailers to plan test campaigns, allows laboratories to upload test reports and enables suppliers to consult and confirm adherence to corrective actions. All testing information is centralized and secure.

Clear and identifiable benefits

  • Food safety: reducing response time in a crisis by 95% Central data accessible to all stakeholders allows easy access to information and rapid actions.
  • Non-conformity tracking: systematic and comprehensive Effective sharing of information between labs and suppliers accelerates corrective actions and issue resolutions.
  • Productivity: escalation procedures more productive The ability to reuse test groups and automate escalation procedures directly contribute to an overall increase in productivity.
  • Information quality: rigor and precision for all Trace One Product Testing manages all types of tests and test results and the information captured is searchable and reportable. All involved parties, e.g. Quality, Legal and Technical, have access to accurate information that they need, when they need it.

Professional Services

We offer software implementation services for you and your suppliers, professional services and quality consultancy for successful change management and projects efficiency. With Trace One Platform and services, retailers, manufacturers and suppliers’ business community empowers brands innovativeness, engagement and trust.

Discover the key challenges addressed within the Trace One Network

Benefits for Retailers

Benefits for Retailers

Join the Trace One Platform
and benefit from an innovative
and dynamic environment
to fuel your private label growth.

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Benefits for Manufacturers

Benefits for Manufacturers

Join the Trace One Platform
to work with retailers
to build consumer confidence
in private label brands.

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Benefits for Private Label Programs

Benefits for Private Label Programs

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of the world’s largest community
of private label companies
representing over $300B
in annual spend.

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