Trace One Insight for Manufacturers

Trace One Insight helps suppliers to analyze their Private Label product development at a glance and empower their teams with ready-to use dashboards to make faster decisions, and take the right business actions.

Monitor your products specifications to speed up your time to market

Standard Collection

Global Dashboard
Navigate to dedicated direct access dashboards for more details:
Specifications, Site certificate, Raw Materials and Origin, Allergens, Nutri-score.
And additional use cases:

  • of unsigned specifications by lifetime days
  • of site certificates status
  • of raw materials with missing country of origin
  • of sourced products by nutri-score
  • of products “do contain” or “may contain” allergens
  • Products with a missing nutri-score letter

Overview of all my spec, see the latest ones and also the ones in progress: per any product criteria, spec status, latest modification date, source Lifetime dashboard allows to analyze the T2M for new products or revised ones over time.

Site Certificates
Track the issued certifications of all your manufacturing site, for a safe production.

Overview of all allergens declared in all my products. Track specific allergen & check consistency against product categories; filter against any spec, retailer, product criteria. The detailed list allows  to extract the data.

Raw Material
Search for any product that contains a specific Raw Material and/or origin and/or retailer; filter against any spec, supplier, product criteria. The detailed list allows to extract the data.

Track any product to improve the nutri-score letter. The detailed allows me to have the % of products without nutri-score letter to improve.

Advanced Collection

Compare your products
Perform your products using a GTIN comparison by allergen or recipes.

Analyse the evolution of the nutritional values of your products
Track the main nutrients across all my products and through all product categories; filter against any spec, supplier, product criteria. Evolution dashboard allows me to track the evolution of % of any nutrient over the years through all product categories.

Analyse and improve the Nutri-score of your products
Have an overview of your data to analyse and improve your products nutri-score.

Professional Services

We offer software implementation services for you and your suppliers, professional services and quality consultancy for successful change management and projects efficiency. With Trace One Platform and services, retailers, manufacturers and suppliers’ business community empowers brands innovativeness, engagement and trust.

Discover the key challenges addressed within the Trace One Network

Innovation & Control

Innovation & Control

Ensuring collaboration
between multiple stakeholders
while securing information sharing
and interactions.

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Benefits for Private Label Programs

Benefits for Private Label Programs

Join the Trace One Platform
and benefit from being part
of the world’s largest community
of private label companies
representing over $300B
in annual spend.

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Collaboration, innovation, transparency.
Discover the key challenges addressed
within the Trace One Network.

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