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Transparency is clearly the way forward for the supply chain 6th October 2014 From

Transparency is clearly the way forward for the supply chain

The Elliot Report’s recent investigation into food scares has increased the focus on the food supply chain and put more pressure on retailers, manufacturers and food industry professionals. The potential damage to the food industry’s reputation means that information should be fully shared throughout the supply chain and accessible to consumers. However, full transparency doesn’t only inspire customer trust and help solve problems like product recalls; it can also be an opportunity to form better ways of working and champion credentials to customers. Dietary, allergy and ethical information are playing a much larger role and consumers are savvier than ever. Retailers and manufacturers who can demonstrate they have these considerations at the forefront of mind will be better placed to attract these savvy shoppers.

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FIR Regulation – The Challenge ahead 14th July 2014 From

FIR Regulation – The Challenge ahead

Quite apart from it being Bastille Day today, it seems a lot of peoples’ thoughts are on Europe at the moment. The European Union has revised its legislation requiring the food industry to improve the level of information for consumers on the origin and nutritional value of food products. The new rules on origin of unprocessed meat from pigs, sheep, goats and poultry will apply from 13 December 2014, while the mandatory obligation to provide nutrition information will apply from 13 December 2016. With these changes becoming mandatory in a relatively short amount of time, by acting now retailers and manufacturers can ensure that the changeover is as seamless as possible and introduce complete transparency in the supply chain to satisfy consumers and regulators alike.

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