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Collaboration is key to reviving retail 13th March 2014 From

Collaboration is key to reviving retail

At the moment, news on whether the recession is easing off is mixed. In December the Office of National Statistics showed an increase in retail sales of 5.3% against the equivalent figures for 2012, the fastest increase in sales in over 9 years. However, February showed a 1% drop against 2013’s figures: showing that we may not be out of the woods yet. The simple fact is that a changing populace, the rise of online shopping, increases in property prices and the continued growth of out-of-town superstores are all combining to pressure retailers. Notable casualties have already included Tie Rack and Blockbuster. In order to survive, and adapt to this brave new world, retailers and suppliers need two things: knowledge of what consumers want and need; and the ability to collaborate and actually provide it.

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