Trace One Packaging

Ensure coordination between
all stakeholders involved
in the packaging and labelling process
for shorter time to market.

Packaging as a complex process but critical to product success

Packaging has been regarded as an important strategic tool, as it performs multiple functions for consumers and is used as a competitive tool that can give a brand marketplace advantage. Packaging can make or break a sale and a well-considered packaging design can often be the key to a product’s success. However, creating attractive packaging and accurate labelling require collaboration between several internal stakeholders (technical, marketing, legal), as well as external contributors (creation and translation agencies but also printers). Likewise, it is not just about appealing to consumers, but also complying with regulatory requirements.

Trace One Packaging: labelling and packaging development in the collaborative age

Product packaging is often the most important feature in attracting potential customers to your product, as well as differentiating itself from competing products. Its development is both critical and complex, as it requires collaboration between many participants. Trace One Packaging is designed to monitor this complex process, involving several stakeholders and aggregating a wide variety of content (technical, legal, graphics …). A workflow, based on best practices, allows each participant to participate at specific stages, from creation to validation. Moreover, the solution centralizes all creation files and enables stakeholders to have a clear and broad view of all finalized packaging.

Clear and identifiable benefits

  • Regulation and compliance: 50% decrease in errors
    Reliable information from a comprehensive workflow: compliance with labelling regulations (origin, nutrition, allergens, etc.).
  • Productivity: twice as many projects managed with the same resources
    Workflow generates notifications and enables optimal versions of packaging. Web proofing supports faster reviews.
  • Cost management: rationalization of service providers
    A more reliable design work reduces time-to-market, labelling errors and faster employee resource allocation.

Professional Services

We offer software implementation services for you and your suppliers, professional services and quality consultancy for successful change management and projects efficiency. With Trace One Platform and services, retailers, manufacturers and suppliers’ business community empowers brands innovativeness, engagement and trust.

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Benefits for Retailers

Benefits for Retailers

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and dynamic environment
to fuel your private label growth.

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Benefits for Manufacturers

Benefits for Manufacturers

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Benefits for Private Label Programs

Benefits for Private Label Programs

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